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Welcome to Bella Roofing & Construction
Professional roofing calls for a professional roofing contractor: Bella Roofing.

Whether you have a new roof or one that already has a few years on it, our team of experts knows what to do!

Like a doctor
Bella Roofing can examine your roof and establish a baseline of care. We can help project a prognosis from your roof structure’s early years into its mid-life and even into its old age.

Many symptoms are preventable and avoidable if diagnosed early. We can focus our examination to fit your roof’s indications and symptoms—whether your structure is in the bloom of infancy or the fragility of its geriatric years.

Repairs or New?
If you need a repair we are available, If it’s new construction we can work with your builder. If your roof needs to be replaced due to storm damage we are available to provide you with a free estimate and are more than willing to assist you with your insurance claim.

All of our sales personnel have been trained in a similar manner as your insurance adjuster and can also walk you through the steps of settling your claim. We will provide you with the highest quality workmanship, materials and service you deserve when replacing, repairing or installing your roof..